Monday, 1 October 2012

OOTD fail, lemon tarts & whoopies

Today I finished early from uni so me and my boyfriend spent the day together. I was planning to put my camera to good use for an OOTD but today the weather has failed me by just generally being rubbish (ie, pouring) - stringy hair and wet clothes are unfortunately not blog-worthy material...

We decided to shelter from the rain at one of our favourite places, Cupcakechic, which is a lovely little cupcake shop/bakery (they sell other yummy things as well). Normally I would gorge on one of the fabulous cupcakes they have, but today I decided to be 'adventurous' and try what I'm told is a whoopie (which many of you had probably already heard of/tried, but it was the first time for me!). Of course I am now suffering the aftermath (major sugar rush). 

Whoopie with strawberry cream and jam filling and an equally yummy lemon tart :)
This was pretty much the highlight of my day, sad I know...

Fingers crossed the weather will have picked up tomorrow so I'll have better luck on the photo taking front! Hopefully the start of this week wasn't too bad for you all! :)


  1. Oh so yummy! xo

    1. Haha yep, I have a huge sweet tooth:) x

  2. Aww those cakes look amazing! The weather has been crap indeed, definitely not good for outfit shots! :(
    Lovely blog btw :)


    1. Thanks for the kind words Vanessa! :) Btw love your blog and have been an avid reader of yours for some time now! x


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