Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Love: Peplum tops

On my recent trip back to the UK, I picked up these peplum tops from Topshop. They had a number of different styles (plain or with trim around the collar) but this particular style caught my eye, I saw so many girls wearing them and they looked so chic! They had a number of different colours; I purchased in deep blue and burgundy. I know I am a bit 'late' as they have been available for ages but oh well! :)

Accompanied by my Topshop studded loafers, which I have worn to death!
The good news is that they are both still available on the Topshop website, here and here (the burgundy is available in either Petite or Tall)! They both have a zip at the back which in my opinion adds an element of interest.

What I love most about peplum tops is that they are so versatile: they can be dressed down and worn casually, or jazzed up with some pretty accessories, jeans and heels (my personal favourite) for a night out. The shape is also really flattering and for those of you who are not blessed with curves (like me), well, definitely give it a try :) both of these were £18. I have been eyeing up some peplum dresses and am a bit hesitant to buy; I haven't tried one on yet, but they look as if they would be less forgiving because most of the styles stocked are bodycon (as in: skin tight).

Not the best picture (taken in my hotel room) but here's what the dark blue peplum top looks like on me:

Apologies for the seemingly 'derp' face but you get the idea! :)
I have since expanded my collection with 2 more peplum tops from New Look (basic black and dark green), that's how much I love them! There are some others calling my name on the Topshop website as well...

How do you feel about peplum tops? Maybe you have the same Topshop one as me? :) Would love to hear your thoughts!


  1. I've become a total peplum addict as well :)


    1. They are lovely aren't they? thanks for stopping by my blog! x


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